and started out by making fashionable zipper purses in high school. This led me to St. Edward’s University where I got a business degree in Entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, I worked in accounting for 2 years then finally realized it was time to do what I really wanted.

I always had a love for food (both cooking and eating!) so I enrolled in HCC's pastry program in Houston, Texas. Then dabbled in a few culinary classes, getting back to the basics. From there I worked at Mockingbird Bistro, The Houstonian, and stayed with Compass Group, where I grew from pastry cook to catering manager, combining my love of food and business.

I learned so much as a catering manager and realized I wanted to get back in the kitchen again, but this time, as a personal chef. And so in 2014 The Foodie Chef went from blogger to business owner!

I started this website in 2011 as a community for bloggers, like-minded cooks and people who have a love for food and travel.

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  • I love to travel. My travel bucket list includes: India, The Maldives, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Japan, China, Turkey, Peru and more!
  • I get hangry if I don't eat every 3 hours, so I always keep Trader Joe's individually packed trail mix around.
  • I secretly look up Yelp reviews before I try any restaurant even though I think it may be rigged.

  • I hate mint flavored anything.

  • My favorite meal is spaghetti and meat sauce.

  • I could eat Ben and Jerry’s Phish food every night.

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