Cooking Lesson

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A while back, I teamed up with The Helpful Host to create a beautiful yet informative cooking lesson. Christina, from, The Helpful Host, curated the design and paid close attention to details which swooned all of the classmates (including me too!). The moment I walked in, the kitchen was set up with a place for each person, it was so adorable. Not only did she lay a nice wooden cutting board down but she had a little basket that had all of the gadgets they needed.

Her help allowed me to focus on what I’m good at, the food! This particular class was about the basics, enhancing knife skills, seasoning to perfection, and piping. We made a fresh Greek salad, French onion soup topped with crusty French bread and gruyere, mini vanilla cupcakes and a whipped cream cheese frosting. We had such a great time cooking and learning while sipping on some champagne :).

On a side note, I want to express how much I love teaching classes. I honestly never thought I would enjoy it but coming from 2 teachers in my family, I should have realized it sooner. I love to share my joy for cooking and help my customers hone in on their skills. If you want your very own personalized cooking class with me/us, contact me!

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Photos Courtesy of Smith House Photography

The Tiny Tea Party

Fruit Name Kabobs TheFoodieChefA few months ago I was approached to cater a kid’s tea party. From the moment I got the call, ideas flooded me with sprinkle everything! I had been eyeing something called Fairy Bread for quite some time and now was my chance to make it. Not to mention these fruit kabobs have been bookmarked in my browser for months now! Creating this menu was so fun and a great chance for colorful creativity.

Jessica, from Paperhearts Photography, took the following photos and hosted the adorable party with a few of her friends. They styled the table perfectly and I seriously wish I could have been a guest when I was 6 years old (or now)!

The menu consisted of name fruit kabobs as place settings, triangle shaped pb&j tea sandwiches, rectangle shaped turkey and cheese tea sandwiches, fairy bread, fairy bites, and vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles.

Paperhearts Photography The Foodie Chef PB&J Triangles The Foodie Chef Heart Shaped Fairy Bread The Foodie Chef Fairy Bites The Foodie Chef Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting & Sprinkles The Foodie Chef

My Kitchen Re-do

I know this post is off topic for my blog but I wanted to share where the magic happens. Besides, who doesn’t like to see a good before and after? My weakness is watching the home makeover shows on HGTV so I’ll assume you love them too!

My husband and I recently moved into our first home together. The kitchen was great and had been previously redone over 15 years ago but we wanted to give it a breathe of new life. I also wanted to make it really functional for the amount of cooking and entertaining would like to do.

We had many ideas but some things were up in the air. Have you heard of the saying “you never know what’s behind the walls?” Well, this is such a true statement. We didn’t do a complete kitchen renovation because we were trying to keep the cost at a minimum. The HGTV shows are ridiculous in the sense that time and money are completely skewed. It’s never a couple thousand and it’s never a weekend. With that being said, our contractor was amazing and completed the project in 26 days.

We kept all of the cabinetry except for 2 walls and the walkway to make the island. Next, a lot of paint, subway tiled backsplash & poles, new countertops, sink, faucet, handles, air vent and lights did the trick!

*I know the window isn’t painted…. Lot’s of credit to my husband who wanted to get rid of the bar sink and put tiles on the poles, he really has the designer eye.

I’m incredibly happy and couldn’t ask for better!















I always have a hard time planning for Valentines day. This year, a few friends and I (Julie and Lindsy) put on a girls brunch and invited a few local bloggers. I have never done anything like this before and really loved getting to know the local bloggers (and cooking for them)!

We put together a menu, table setting and a cute little primp area. I made the food and enjoyed being creative with the valentines theme. Who doesn’t love pink and sweet things?The three of us gave the food items super cute names like “love potion smoothie” (see below). A Fine Flourish did an amazing job at writing the labels and name tags. I love her modern calligraphy style. If only I knew about her for my wedding…..

Lindsy did an outstanding job at styling the whole room. It was so fitting and just perfect. Julie did a great job communicating, organizing and hosting. I loved working with these two, it was so much fun!

After we ate our meal, I gave a little cupcake piping and decorating tutorial. I loved sharing my ideas and enjoyed watching everyone make their masterpiece! I decided on angel food cupcakes since they’re so light and airy, a perfect dainty dessert. I topped it with my favorite, whipped cream cheese (so heavenly).

Please feel free to use our ideas at your galentines brunch 🙂

Table Scape Table setting Candied Bacon Low Potion Smoothie Bow and Arrow   French Toast Bake Heavenly ParfaitEgg BakeGirls GalentinesIMG_0281Cupcake Decorating Station

The menu included sprinkle popcorn, candied bacon, strawberry banana smoothie, donut and berry skewers, french toast bake, yogurt parfaits, spinach and onion eggs with gruyere,  and angel food cupcakes.

A huge thank you to our fabulous vendors! They were really wonderful to work with and would definately work with them again.

Event planning and design: Lindsey Steinberg Events

Linen and Decor Rentals: What’s the Occasion Linens

Macaron Favors: Bite Macaron

Photography: Kay Bryan

Calligraphy and Invitations: A Fine Flourish

Pillows, Screen Prints, and Party Favors: Manor Blog

Bloggers: Classy and Fabulous, Greetings from Texas, Sugar & Cloth, Manor Blog, Cuteheads, From Prosecco to Plaid, LizzyW


CultureMap Holiday Pop Up Shop

Culture MapYou’re invited! #culturemappopup is happening this Sunday from 12-6 at Silver Street Studios in Houston. There will be awesome retailers to get your favorite gifts for friends and family, click here to see who’s coming!

There’s just a few free tickets left! Click here to grab your ticket. Use my special code: foodiechef  See you there!


Preserved Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemon

We have an amazing meyer lemon tree in our front yard. When we first moved in, it was summer time and I thought they were limes. I got so excited that I pulled one fruit off the tree, anxiously cut it open and tasted it. It was sour but slightly sweet yet didn’t taste anything like a lime. I thought, how can a green colored fruit that looks like lime taste like a sweet lemon? After doing alittle research online, I figured out it was a meyer lemon tree! How lucky are we!! If you haven’t tried one before, they are absolutely amazing. I introduced them to a friend the other day and she can’t stop squeezing them in her water. They do make the best lemonade. Not to mention their zest is pretty tasty too. Ahhem- lemon zest cookies! Now that I had a plethora of fruit, I had to preserve them in some way. Once again, I researched and found an easy recipe for preserved lemons. I recommend waiting for the fruit to ripen in the winter, don’t preserve these gems in the summer time. I could have waited a few more months but I couldn’t wait any longer!

Preserved Lemon


Meyer Lemon



Preserved Lemon


You can also slice them too

Meyer Lemon

Preserved Lemon

These cute mason jars filled with delicious lemon goodness are great as gifts for the holidays.

Once opened, they are great cut up on top of fish, in a salad, fish tacos, in cous cous- the options are endless and so flavorful. Don’t forget to wash the preserved lemon under cold water before cutting and serving- they can be very salty.

Recipe from Martha Stewart

Place salt in a large bowl; set aside. Stand lemon on its stem end on a cutting board; cut down the center as though you were going to cut in half, but stop about 1/2 inch above the stem. Make a perpendicular cut, stopping about 1/2 inch above the stem, so the lemon is quartered but still in tact.

Holding lemon over bowl of salt, spread four quarters open and pack as much salt as you can, allowing excess to fall back into bowl. You should be able to pack about 2 tablespoons into lemon. Place lemon, cut side up, in a 1-quart sterile, dry glass jar, preferably with a neck that is narrower than the jar, with a lid or a clamp closure. Repeat process with as many lemons as the jar will hold (you may have to add some the next day when lemons are softer). Cover and let stand overnight.

Push lemons down with a clean spoon, add remaining lemons, if necessary, keeping in mind you may only be able to add another half or quarter. Add enough lemon juice to jar to completely submerge lemons. Cover with lid until just finger-tight or clamp closed. Place jar in a dark spot, but not the refrigerator.

Everyday, for the next week, turn and shake jar once a day to redistribute salt. Add more lemon juice if lemons are no longer submerged. Let lemons stand for 1 month before using.

Norah’s Rainbow Birthday Bash!

The Spread

My creative sister and her husband threw their baby, Norah, a rainbow themed 1st birthday. She went all out with the decorations, you’ll see below.. My contributions were the cake and some odds and ends. I must say it was colorful and delicious! Since Norah is the first baby in the family, her party was extra special, It was the cutest birthday ever!

The precious birthday girl!
Rainbow cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese frosting!
The sprinkles around the rim was the best part
father and daughter 🙂
My sister, neice, and her friends
The cake.
She has an interest..
She approves!

I wonder what next years theme will be…

Mom’s 60th Birthday

My loving mother was turning 60 so my siblings and I planned a Dessert and Wine party and her boyfriend threw her a surprise dinner. The weekend was filled with many birthday festivities which made her glow (as seen below).

My boss allowed me to make the pastries at work the day of so things worked out perfectly! My sister did the decorating including the old-time photo’s of my mother when she was younger.  They ranged from her teens to motherhood. The goal was happiness and I’m pretty sure we were successful 🙂

Surprised and happy 🙂

Dessert at Prego

Banana cream pie, Macarons filled with carmelia ganache, and chocolate pots de creme

Mom with Jared and Amanda, I was just a twinkle in her eye!

Lemon meringue tart, banana cream pie, chocolate pot de creme, frangipane blueberry tart

The birthday was enjoyed by all, you can never go wrong with desserts, wine, and great company.

Food Truck Amazingness

Food trucks, thankfully, are becoming a hit in Houston. There just so happened to be the first food truck festival in Houston a few months ago. You better believe I was first to buy a ticket in excitement.  It ended up being chaotic to say the least. It was super hot out and the lines were just ridiculous. We waited 2 hours for tacos that we didn’t even end up getting. However, the food we did have was outstanding!

Dirty Fries from Zilla (fries, mac n’ cheese, cheetos)
Fried Chicken and a Waffle

Since we’re on the Food Truck subject, here are some pics from Austin’s own Ms. P’s Electric Cock Food Truck.

Truffle Mac and Cheese (didn’t taste truffle…)
Fried Chicken with pickled veggies, yum!
Grilled Corn on the Cob with Lime and Creama
Done and Done.

Coming soon: more food truck pics!

Food Event at Haven

My friends and I attended the Hats off Event at Haven a few weeks ago. I apologize for the lack of posts lately, I have been working a lot in the Bake Shop. It’s been fun but I am always able to fit fun food events into my schedule.

The following was not only beautiful but delicious! I forget which restaurants paired with each food item so help me out of you remember. Now, be my guest and drool over the pictures, please 🙂

Tuna Tartar from The Modular
Rabbit Confit
Beef Cheek from Feast
Lovely Friends
More Lovely Friends enjoying the food
Grilled Okra
Seared Scallop with Foie Gras and Candied Rhubarb
Pate with Peach and Pickled Onions
Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Fudge and Sponge Cake from Bootsies
Bologne Sandwich from Underbelly
Quail legs with dumping
Wipe the drool off of your lips… hehe. The over all consensus of the best item between my and friends and I were very close. Most enjoyed the dessert because it was the last taste in their mouths- not fair! I enjoyed the seared scallop the most, the many textures and flavors that were involved make my mouth water now thinking about it.