Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Pie


Hello there! I apologize for the large lag time between this post and my last but I do have a great excuse though! I’m pregnant with my first baby (screams of happiness)!! I’ve been reluctant to post anything about my personal life but feel like it works here. I’ve had a huge aversion to trying new recipes, being creative in the kitchen and tasting certain foods. Now that I’m halfway through the pregnancy, I’ve got my creativity back! Hooray!

Passover is right around the corner and I wanted to create a delicious pie and oh man, did I! I got a little inspiration from a fellow blogger who made a macaroon pie crust. I thought, wow, that’s a spectacular idea! I’ll use my tried and true coconut macaroon recipe, fill it in a┬átart shell, bake it then add my other favorite chocolate pie recipe to it! It was a total no brainer and it worked out perfectly.

Now, I must say, this is not dairy free so for those who keep kosher, this is for a meatless meal. Though it is gluten free!

There are 2 things in this recipe that I’m a stickler on, for good reason.

  1. Always Always Always use good quality chocolate (examples: Guittard, Ghirardelli, Valrhona, etc)
  2. Never ever ever use that gross sweetened shredded coconut at the grocery store. That stuff made me hate coconut desserts until I tried desiccated coconut.




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Vanilla Honey Peanut Butter
The Foodie Chef Recipe
Prep Time 20 minutes
6-7 6 oz jars filled
Prep Time 20 minutes
6-7 6 oz jars filled
  1. Add peanuts to food processor and blend for about 5 minutes until it liquifies
  2. Add oil, honey, vanilla, vanilla paste, and salt. Blend until combined and the desired consistency.
Recipe Notes

I used a piping bag to fill the containers.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Pie”

  1. Hi Morgan! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! So so happy for you!

    I’m really excited about this recipe! I’ve been looking for a dessert to bring to my family’s Passover, especially one that is nut-free. I have a question though, for the crust, what are the ounces equivalents in cups/# of egg whites? I don’t have a scale at home, so I was wondering if you could say about how much for the below items?

    9 ounces granulated sugar
    8 ounces egg whites
    9 ounces desiccated coconut

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Allison! Thank you so so much!! We’re really excited! This recipe really is awesome but unfortunately I don’t have the equivalent to scale other than by weight. When I make the recipe again, I’ll be sure to record it!

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