Cooking Lesson

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A while back, I teamed up with The Helpful Host to create a beautiful yet informative cooking lesson. Christina, from, The Helpful Host, curated the design and paid close attention to details which swooned all of the classmates (including me too!). The moment I walked in, the kitchen was set up with a place for each person, it was so adorable. Not only did she lay a nice wooden cutting board down but she had a little basket that had all of the gadgets they needed.

Her help allowed me to focus on what I’m good at, the food! This particular class was about the basics, enhancing knife skills, seasoning to perfection, and piping. We made a fresh Greek salad, French onion soup topped with crusty French bread and gruyere, mini vanilla cupcakes and a whipped cream cheese frosting. We had such a great time cooking and learning while sipping on some champagne :).

On a side note, I want to express how much I love teaching classes. I honestly never thought I would enjoy it but coming from 2 teachers in my family, I should have realized it sooner. I love to share my joy for cooking and help my customers hone in on their skills. If you want your very own personalized cooking class with me/us, contact me!

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Photos Courtesy of Smith House Photography