My Top 20 Restaurants in Houston


Super Bowl is just around the corner and my hometown, Houston, will be filled with so many welcomed guests! I’ve lived in Houston my whole life except for my college days in Austin. I’ve watched Houston have incredibly diverse restaurants and more recently, within the last 10 years, it’s become a “foodie” city.

I’ve always been into trying the newest restaurants though I stand by the tried and true favorites of mine. I’m providing you my top 20 list of restaurants. Though I could go on forever organizing by neighborhood and type of cuisine but I will keep it general. I’ll also provide certain dishes that I like to order on the regular. The following are in no particular order.

  1. Prego– This place has been my favorite for over 15 years. I always order the smoked duck ravioli the old way. (The waiters that have been there forever will know what you’re talking about) Make sure you put your order in for the strawberry shortcake right when you sit.
  2. True Foods Kitchen– I love how fresh the ingredients are and this is the style I love to eat on the regular. Get the harvest salad, the mulberries will rock your world.
  3. NY Bagel Shop– I’ve been coming to this neighborhood place since I was a toddler. The bagels are excellent and the breakfast special is on point.
  4. Snooze– This place blows me away. I’ve liked every single thing I’ve ordered and I can’t wait to go back again. The only drawback is the epic line.
  5. Buffalo Grille– Another tried and true place. Get the Cream Cheese and Chive eggs with potatoes and a biscuit.
  6. Istanbul Grille– One word. lahmacun.
  7. Garson– Amazing grilled meat with flavorful rice. I love the fresh veggies and pide they provide
  8. Raven Grill– Anything on their mesquite grill is perfection.
  9. Fadi’s– I love the endless selection of options. Hint* you can order half portions, you’re welcome.
  10. La Guadalupana– Breakfast tacos all the way and their chilequiles AND churros are the best in town.
  11. Killens– Everything is amazing!
  12. Les Baguette– I love their BBQ pork vermicelli bowl and their Vietnamese coffee
  13. Pico’s– First of all, I miss their original location because I have memories of going there when I was a baby. Their salsas are perfect and I love their spinach enchiladas.
  14. Goode Co. Seafood– Campechana!!
  15. Coltivare– Everything I’ve had is excellent from the drinks to the pasta.
  16. Pax Americana– Fancy, small portions, expensive but oh so flavorful.
  17. 100% taquito– I love their authentic options
  18. Pizaros Pizza– Perfectly thin crust with high quality cheese.
  19. Golden Palace– Dim sum all the way.
  20. Lai Lai Dumpling House– Best dumplings in town and super cheap.

This was incredibly tough and I could easily add 20 more. Though it really came down to my personal favorites and the places I frequently crave. Eat your heart out 🙂



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