Valentines Sprinkle Popcorn


My new years resolution was to post more often so here I am. I haven’t made it a priority to make weekly posts but I’m going to try to!

I’ve finally realized what I am, a healthy cook by day with a LARGE sweet tooth by night. I have had such a sweet tooth lately and I came across a recipe for sprinkles covered popcorn. It just looks so pretty and tasty, I had to try it!

A few weeks ago I hosted a little blogger party with Julie, From Prosecco To Plaid and Lindsey from Lindsey Steinberg Events. As we were coming up with the menu, this very popcorn recipe was pinned to our hidden group pinterest page. It looked a little intimidating so we figured we could purchase it at the specialty popcorn shop. As I read the recipe, I realized just how easy it was. There was absolutely no need to purchase when I can make it 🙂

With my pastry background, my first idea is to use quality white chocolate. After all of my training I’ve become such a purist and maybe a little snobby with my ingredients. I’m not super proud of it but secretly I am. When I make cakes I most definitely use the best possible ingredients.

In this instance, I took the easy way out (*ahem*, which is not always the best). If you’ve ever tempered chocolate, you know what I mean. It’s just annoying. I have much respect for chocolatiers and I enjoyed taking a chocolate class but I’m done with the days of tempering chocolate. If I had a tempering machine, that’s another story.

This time I used the infamous white bark coating. I say infamous because it has absolutely no trace of cocoa butter in it which is the main ingredient in real white chocolate. I use this product for complete ease of use. It’s no joke, so easy. All you do is pop a handful in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 second increments while stirring in between. By 1 min 30 sec it should be nice and smooth and ready to pour on the popped popcorn!

Be very meticulous and remove all of the unpopped kernels. No one wants to eat those. I suggest laying a silpat in the sheet pan or parchment paper. This will be for a super easy clean up.

I like using nonpareils for sprinkles. But for Valentines day, I use these.

Here are the steps:

Pop popcorn (plain, no salt and no butter) according to directions

Lay parchment or silpat in sheet pan

Empty popped corn onto sheet pan then remove kernels

Heat about 6 white bark coating bars in a microwave safe bowl. Do this in 30 second increments stirring in between. You will know it’s done when it’s smooth and not clumpy.


*I suggest using food safe gloves on this next step:

Pour the melted coating over the popped corn then mix quickly with hands. Be gentle not to crush the delicate popcorn then press into an even layer.

Once you’re done, sprinkle away! Do this kind of quickly before the coating melts.


Now, step away and let it cool for at least 20 minutes then enjoy!


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